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How do I go about renting a table? 

We have two different rentals throughout the year.  One is what we're currently running which is our Winter Pop-Up.  It runs from the beginning of January through the beginning of April.  We rent the tables that run up the center aisles of the market as well as several farmer stalls (the farmers are members of the cooperative and the cooperative owns the market); four of our farms don't sell through the winter so they allow us to rent their spaces.  Once April returns, the show ends and folks who were renting here before the Pop-Up go back to their tables if they moved during the winter.  Whoever wishes to remain as a vendor has to be invited to stay, should a table become available.  The market is open Thursday-Saturday 9-6..  A few spots have electricity at a cost of $10 per weekend and no space heaters are permitted.

From May-end of December, we only have tables that we rent.  The farmer stalls not occupied by farms are few and far between and we have a waitlist for folks to get into those should any others become available.   As mentioned above, the market was full before Christmas so it will be hard to guarantee any availability once the Pop Up ends.  Usually by mid-March we have a sense if any of the regulars are leaving.

You should know that the market doesn't offer any exclusives but we try to space similar items.  We have two tenants under lease who are bakeries, two of our farms offer baked goods, and we have two bakers who rent tables. We do not offer exclusivity. 

How much in advance do you need to have a request?

Our structure doesn't really allow advance rentals.  You can put yourself on a wait list, but with having to carry health licenses, if you're selling food we understand that could be chancy. 

The Pop-Up is a nice time to try the market on before it's in the summer busy season.  

Everyone who is what we call a "daily" even though it is the weekend simply prepays the weekend they'll come to sell and then on Saturday afternoon, they prepay for the following weekend.  It's the only way to know if we're full or not and if we have tables to offer to the waitlist.

What is the cost?

Pop-Up rate Jan 6-Apr 2 is $51/weekend which is Thursday through Saturday.

May-end of October the market is open Wednesday-Sunday.  Rental is Friday-Sunday.  Additional optional add on days are Wednesday & Thursday at $7/day

And can you rent per day?

No.  Some folks sell only on Saturdays, and they still pay the same weekend rate.

How do customers pay? Is it cash only? Can I bring a square reader?

You determine your own point of sale.  Different  renters take different forms: cash, venmo, zelle, cashapp, and credit. The market has two ATM machines which is helpful for tenants and dailies that only accept cash.

What is supplied by the market and what am I allowed to bring additionally for setup?

The tables that run up the center aisles measure 22" wide x 10' long.  You supply your product, cloth, chair, displays, signage, prices, etc.  Nothing can be placed other than a chair on the short end to not block the aisleways and displays can't generally be higher than 2 feet above the table (for safety and since we're a cooperative, follow the bylaws that displays can't block views)

We reopen on Thursday if you have any other questions.  We appreciate that you're doing your due diligence in order to be ready to go.

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