Chef Post's Season's Greetings Soup


1 small Cinderella pumpkin
1 bunch of leeks
3 cloves of garlic
1 inch of horseradish
1 head of cauliflower
8 oz baby Brussel sprouts
1 parsnip
1 can of coconut milk
32 oz of vegetable stock
2 Tbsp curry powder
8 oz of kale
Salt and pepper to taste



Peel, deseed and dice the pumpkin. Place into a stock pot with the vagetabie stock. Add diced onion, cauliflower, leeks, garlic, horseradish, and parsnip. Simmer until the veggies are tender. Add curry, coconut milk, and salt and pepper. Puree until smooth. Fold chiffonaded kale into the soup, along with whole baby brussel sprouts. Taste, adjust salt and pepper as desired, and enjoy.

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