Dill Pickles, The Easy Way


1 cup water
1 cup distilled white vinegar
2 to 3 tbsp salt
3 cloves of garlic, chopped
white onion sliced thin
Few sprigs of fresh dill, ripped up
4 or 5 cucumbers, chopped into spears
2 Canning jars
These quantities will make 2 regular canning jars worth of pickles. You can easily multiply the quantities to make more.



Boil water, vinegar and salt together. Sterilize your jars and lids by boiling them. Place the cucumbers, onion, garlic and dill into clean sterilized jar. After some cooling, pour the boiled solution directly into the jar. Seal with sterilized lid immediately. Let cool.

It should be noted that the brine can be reused. As you eat the pickles, you can put fresh cucumbers into the jar. Within a day or two, they will be just as pickled as the rest.

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